All incoming personnel both military and civilians are required to check in to the Housing Office within 72 hours of arrival.

The Housing Office provides housing services to military members and their families, unaccompanied members and limited housing for civilians. Singapore housing comprises predominately of historic "Black & White" British Colonial facilities, in addition to a few supplemental brick "Japanese" units.  These units are comprised of bungalows, duplexes and apartment style flats. A Housing Guide is available under the Downloads tab.

Unaccompanied housing on base is primarily for E6 and below. All unaccompanied personnel E4 and below are required to live on base. Unaccompanied E5 and E6 may be permitted to live on base subject to space available. E7 and above are required to live off base.

Because housing for civilians is limited on base, the Housing Referral Program offers assistance in locating suitable housing off base.

The Housing Office provides a weekly Off-Base Housing Brief on Tuesdays at 09:00 to introduce families to the steps involved in obtaining housing in Singapore. Contact the Housing Office to register.

The Housing Office provides loaner furnishings for free for a maximum of 90 days to support both military members and civilians living in on-base and off-base housing. Certain appliances, such as washer, dryer, refrigerators, transformers and dehumidifiers, are available for the full duration of the tour.