All incoming military personnel are required to check into Housing within 72 hours of arrival. This initiates Temporary Lodging Allowance. 

The Housing Office provides housing services to military members and their families, unaccompanied members and limited housing for civilians. Singapore housing comprises predominately of historic "Black & White" British Colonial facilities, in addition to a few supplemental brick "Japanese" units.  These units are comprised of bungalows, duplexes and apartment style flats. A Housing Guide can be downloaded (at right).

Unaccompanied Housing is for E4 and below. All E5 and above are expected to find off base accommodations. An off base briefing is held Mondays at 1330 in the Housing office.

Housing for authorized civilians (GS or NAF employees on transportation agreements) is on a limited basis and can be offered homes that are considered in excess.

The Housing Office provides loaner furnishings for free for a maximum of 90 days to support both military members and civilians living in on-base and off-base housing. Certain appliances, such as washer, dryer, refrigerators, transformers and dehumidifiers, are available for the full duration of the tour. Quantities of loaner furniture and appliances are subject to availability. Military members will take precedence if quantities are low.