Fleet Fitness Center

Our Fleet Fitness Center (FFC) offers everything from a group exercise room, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, racquetball court, parent/child gym, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, batting cage, and more to keep you fit and healthy. We also have two gyms - one temperature-controlled and the other a 'hot' gym. These gyms have everything you need to reach your fitness goals!


The Hot Gym features cardio and weightlifting equipment, including a weightlifting platform, free weights, bumper plates, plate loaded machines, rowing machine, Jacob’s Ladder, and more.


The Cold Gym also features weight lifting and cardio equipment, including spin bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, mountain climber, and a full line of Freemotion equipment.


The Fleet Fitness Center offers adult and youth fitness and equipment orientations. Patrons aged 15 and up can request a primer on where the equipment is and how to use them. Youths aged 10-14 can learn how to properly use the gym equipment in a safe, friendly environment. They are allowed to use the Fleet Fitness Center with a parent/guardian after attending the orientation. Both orientations are free and are available upon request.


Contact the Fleet Fitness Center for more information about any MWR Fitness activities or events.


Take a survey and let us know how the FFC is doing: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FitnessSingapore