Relocation Assistance

The Fleet & Family Support Office (FFSO) in Singapore is managed under Singapore Area Coordinator (SAC). It provides unified, customer-focused programs, classes, and services to support our Singapore military community including active duty, reserve, DoD employee, retired personnel, and family members. There is no charge for classes. The FFSO conducts a monthly Newcomers Orientation to welcome new individuals to the military community and introduce them to programs and activities available to them.  Information and referral services and life skills workshops are also offered. Be sure to check in with the FFSO upon arrival. Additionally, please review our Welcome to Singapore Booklet.

Hospitality Kits are available to incoming and outgoing personnel for check-out up to 90 days. They consist of general kitchenware items (dishes, cookware, utensils, etc.); linens and towels are not included. Please contact the Work & Family Life Consultant at (+65) 6750-2314 for more information. 

For those families and individuals who are leaving Singapore, we offer a Send-Off Brief to assist in all your departing endeavors.