Outdoor Equipment Rental

Outdoor Recreation is the one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to enjoy the outdoors. Equipment rentals must be completed in person. Full payment using Singaporean currency is required at the time of equipment rental. Contact outdoorrec.commrec@gmail.com for more information and to make an appointment.


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Golf Clubs ——————————    $4/weekend

Fri-Mon rental. Full set of clubs including bag


Bicycles (Hybrid type) ————     $10.50/week


Large Coolers ————————     $5.50/day


Water Cooler (Small & Medium)     $3/day


Table—————————————   $5.50/day


Horseshoes —————————    $3/day


Badminton/Volleyball set ———    $5.50/day


Giant Jenga —————————     $3/day


Giant Connect 4 ———————     $3/day


Tent —————————————    1 week / $7.50 cleaning fee


Sleeping Pad —————————    1 week / $5.50 cleaning fee


Camping Chair ————————     1 week / $4.50 cleaning fee


All prices in US$

Authorized Patrons Only