Recreation Assistant

Incumbent serves in an assistant or support capacity and may perform any or all of the following duties within either of the following sections of the Fitness, Sports, and Deployed Forces Support Branch: Fitness Support, Sports Support, or Aquatics Support. The primary function of the position is to ensure proper usage of the facility, assist in the operation of the recreation activity and provide proper collection and disposition of revenues generated at the assigned facility.


Administrative Support (includes but not limited to):

  • Provides customer service to patrons using the facility, to include: greeting customers; checking identification cards to ensure only authorized users are entering facility; issuing and receiving gear/equipment; and registering patrons for facility use, events, and/or classes.
  • Answers telephone, providing information in regards to facility hours of operation, upcoming special events and programs, etc.
  • Completes the Daily Activity Reports, handling cash where fees apply, verifying the amount of money collected and dropping the cashier bag in the drop safe.
  • Assists in planning, scheduling, and publicizing various activities and maintaining related supplies in order to attract and motivate participants.
  • Oversees the sale of retail items associated with activities.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of ongoing Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fitness activities from the standpoint of participants' responses, resources, and program objectives.
  • Monitors patrons, volunteers and contractors at the assigned program/event and reports any issues to management.
  • Assists in the selection of fitness, sports, and aquatics activities to be offered, both within the required basic program categories and additional ones possible through available resources and desirable in terms of participant's interests and needs.
Instructional Support (includes but not limited to):
  • Monitors assigned participants in indoor and outdoor activities to include intramural sporting events.
  • Conducts instructional classes in the assigned recreational area.
  • Performs basic fitness orientation; identifies and corrects unsafe fitness techniques.
  • Demonstrates procedures common to the activities and instructs in the use of related equipment.
  • Establishes/reviews the schedule of events, conducts tours, sets-up/prepares gymnasiums/facilities/playing fields prior to scheduled start time for events (e.g., lap swim, lifeguard training, exercise programs, races, pool parties, sporting events, etc.).
  • Ensures adherence to regulations and safety procedures.
Facility/Equipment Maintenance (includes but not limited to):
  • Ensures facility and sporting fields are open and/or closed at the posted time.
  • Monitors and checks the security of premises.
  • Monitors activity within the facility, circulating among the patrons to assist with basic use of equipment/gear and to maintain good order and discipline.
  • Ensures athletic playing surfaces are properly maintained, safe, and ready for play.
  • Assists in properly cleaning and maintaining equipment/facilities, maintains inventory, performs general janitorial services to ensure interior spaces are in a clean, neat, and orderly state at all times (e.g., sweeping and mopping floors; dusting and cleaning workout areas, mirrors, bathrooms, and locker areas; straightening equipment and accessories, etc.).
  • Makes minor repairs to facilities and equipment when appropriate and assists with outdoor maintenance.
  • Reports maintenance problems, material deficiencies, and unsafe conditions or discrepancies that cannot be repaired in-house to the supervisor.