Camp L.E.A.D. (Grades K-5)

Camp L.E.A.D. 2019: Learn – Explore – Achieve – Discover 

9am - 6pm Monday through Friday at CYP

Fees based on TFI and hourly care rate of $5/hour

Open to CYP registered youth who have completed Grades K-5


Have your child join CYP this summer for 9 weeks of learning and exploring!! Great trips, stimulating activities and lots of fun will be offered so register at CYP!!!


Week 1: June 10 - 14 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, June 3

Birth of a Dungeon Master

Learn the ins and outs of Dungeons and Dragons and begin your journey to becoming a Dungeon Master through fun activities and learning to play the game!


Week 2: June 17 - 21 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, June 10

Festival of Fine Arts

Explore your creativity through learning about historical artists, exploring their specialties such as sketching, painting, photography, sculpture and a visit to a ceramic studio!


Week 3: June 24 - 28 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, June 17

Kitchen Masters I: Cooking

With help from the team at the Terror Club, join us for a week of learning how to prepare and cook food!


Week 4: July 1 - 5 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, June 24

Dive Into the Deep

Discover the wonders and creatures in our world’s oceans and how we can protect our natural resources.  Visit the Aquarium and achieve a sense of service as we give back to our community and the country that we live in through a Beach Cleanup!


Week 5: July 8 - 12 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, July 1

Outdoor Explorers

Discover the vast outdoor world around us and become outdoor explorers! Visits to local parks, ORTO and the Botanic Gardens will give you the opportunity to learn and explore!


Week 6: July 15 - 19 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, July 8

Kitchen Masters II: Baking

Join us for a week of learning the science behind baking and how to make delicious desserts!


Week 7: July 22 - 26 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, July 15

Domo Arigato Misuta Roboto

Learn, explore and discover the world of Robotics! Work in teams to build your own robot and learn the basics of writing code.


Week 8: July 29 - August 2 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, July 22

A Week at Hogwarts

Discover the magical world of Harry Potter! From mixing potions, playing Quidditch, and learning about “mystical beasts” at the Zoo, this is a week you won’t soon forget!


Week 9: August 5 - 9 

Sign-up @ CYP by: Monday, July 29

Drama Llamas

Achieve your dreams of performing with a special week of the performing arts with the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of The Princess and the Pea.  Performance date and time TBD.


Authorized patrons only

CYP registration required