-All happenings Are Subject To Change -


Café Lah            

- (15) patrons inside restaurant at a time (dine in or queue).

- Visit on port/starboard days only.

- Mask required (except while eating).

- 6’ space distance (except family members residing together).

*Payment by credit card only USD, no cash accepted

Monday-Friday                  0730-1400

Sat./Sun./Holidays             CLOSED



- Take away orders only.

- Mask required.

- 6’ space distance.

Monday-Friday                 0730-1500

Saturday/Holidays            0800-1430

Sunday                               CLOSED


Terror Club Restaurant is OPEN!!!

- The Terror Club Restaurant & Bar is open Monday-Friday from 1100-1800 and the last order will be at 1745.



Fleet Fitness Center (FFC)          

- Open to ALL authorized patrons, a maximum (20) patrons at a time.

- Mask required except during vigorous exercise.

- 6’ space distance.

*Payment by credit card only USD, no cash accepted

Contact sports including Basketball are back! (Maximum 8 people with no substitutions or co-mingling)

*** According to SAC HPCON BRAVO Guidance Revision 2 Section 4 Paragraph A: In General, 6 feet/approximately 2 meters of physical distance should be maintained when exercising and 9 feet/approximately 3 meters when engaged in indoor high intensity or high movement activity ***  
If there are any questions please contact us at jacob.foster@cnrjffr.org or 6750-2482.

Monday-Friday                 0500-2000

Saturday/Sunday              0830-1730

Holidays                             1000-1500


Terror Club Pool & Sports Field

- (10) patrons (main pool) / (up to 5) patrons (wading pool) at a time.

- (5) patrons on sports field at a time.

- Up to 90 minutes max time slot reserved visit (port/starboard days only) when others are waiting.

- Mask required except while swimming.

- 6’ space distance required except families residing together.

 *Outside water/sports drinks, up to 8oz snacks allowed only on weekends while TC restaurant is closed.

There are now 8 people allowed in the Terror Club Wading Pool and on the Terror Club Field! If there is a special request we can divide the field in 2 so two groups of 8 can use the field, but there will be no co-mingling between the groups.

***According to SAC HPCON BRAVO Guidance Revision 2 Section 4 Paragraph A: In General, 6 feet/approximately 2 meters of physical distance should be maintained when exercising and 9 feet/approximately 3 meters when engaged in indoor high intensity or high movement activity. ***

Monday-Friday                  0930-1930

Saturday/Sunday               0930-2130

Holidays                              1000-1500

Lap Swim:

Mon./Wed./Fri.                   0630-0830


Group Exercise Classes

- No group exercise classes until further notice.

- Facebook virtual exercise session will begin 6 July.

(Weekly / 30 minutes / See MWR Fitness Section or FB page advertisement for dates)



ComRec ITT Office (Tickets & Gear Rental)

- (1) patron inside office at a time (port/starboard days only).

 Customer appointments are preferred.

- 6’ space distance.

- Mask required.

- Cashless, credit card only (USD)

*Payment by credit card only USD, no cash accepted

Tuesday-Friday                  1000-1600

Mon./Sat./Sun./Holidays    CLOSED

Call 6750-2556 or email comrec.mwr@fe.navy.mil to schedule arrangements.



School Age Care (SAC)

- No change, childcare provided for mission essential employees with no children alternative only.

Contact CYP at 9663-2546 to schedule arrangements.


Teen Program

- Virtual activities are ongoing.

Contact CYP at 9663-2546 or see advertisement on social media.



Fleet & Family Support Office (FFSO)

- Assistance is by appointment only.

- Walk-ins will require 6’ space distance and mask required.

- SARC / Work & Family Life Services / Clinical Counseling and FAP will be assisted telephonically unless emergent care is required.

Contact FFSO: ann.wilson@fe.navy.mil  / 9833-9938 maria.dozeman@fe.navy.mil / 6750-2314



Housing Service Center (HSC)

- Assistance is by appointment only.

- Email and telephone assistance is available.

- All service calls are welcomed.

Contact HSC at 6750-2800 or via email at SingaporeRegionHousing@fe.navy.mil


Unaccompanied Housing

- Access granted to UH residents and support staff only.

- All service calls are welcomed.

Contact HSC at 6750-2800 or via email at SingaporeRegionHousing@fe.navy.mil


Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS)

- Cashless, credit card payments in USD only.

Available 24 hours daily (via telephone) /Contact 6752-8245



Navy Exchange (NEX)

- Regular hours.

- Purchase limits are in place for certain items.

Monday-Saturday             0900-1800

Holidays                              1000-1600

Sunday                                CLOSED



  • Effective 6 July, the Cash Cage will resume cash services, with current days/hours of operation still remaining in place:  
              Tue, Fri:  Open 1000 to 1430  
              Mon, Wed, Thu:  Closed  
              * Cash Cage contractor will be able to accept/convert USD, personal checks, or NFCU drafts into local SGD currency with the maximum daily cash amount allowed for conversion to Singapore dollars being $10,000 USD.  However, the issuing of local checks for rental purposes will no longer be available.  The SGD conversion rate will now be based on the daily commercial “OANDA” rate vice the Disbursing Office government rate.  There are no changes to the utility/cable bill payment process.
              ** The monthly maximum amount allowed for conversion to Singapore dollars is $20,000 USD. 
              *** For special circumstances, Mr. Milton Lewis will still be available assist with checks to pay rent.  He can be reached by e-mail or phone (milton.lewis@fe.navy.mil, 6750-2507).  Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please feedback any difficulties or unique circumstances you may encounter to Mr. Lewis.

    Finally, remember it is imperative to stay focused on the core tenants of health protection that should be adhered to at all times:

         -  Physical distancing

         -  Mask wearing

         -  Hand-washing hygiene and use of hand sanitizer

         -  Cough/sneeze etiquette

         -  Not touching your face

         -  Avoiding large groups

         -  Maintaining a 14-day close contact and travel tracker

         -  Maintaining a close personal contact list of 10 or fewer close contacts every day

         -  Remaining at home when you feel sick, no matter how mild the symptoms, and seeking medical care

         - Stay home except for work or for essential needs, even if Singapore starts to open more services in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for your sound efforts in the COVID-19 fight.



 Effective 2 Nov 2020, the existing shuttle stops at Falkland Rd and Wellington Rd will no longer be serviced by the SNI Shuttle.  The
attached route map and schedule will take effect for the SNI shuttle service starting 2 Nov 2020.

Notifications will also be provided in each shuttle and in the Bldg 7-4 quarterdeck bulletin.

The changes are being made to meet current policy and to ensure the long-term continuance of the shuttle service.  Thank you all for your cooperation.



  (first one is THIS FRIDAY)
- Nov. 6, Dec. 11, Dec. 18, 2020 for us at 96534
   See attached list
- For a successful holiday mailing season, customers should focus on
adequate packaging, proper addressing, and following recommended mail-by
dates to make sure their packages arrive by December 25.

- The USPS now uses the digital PS FORM 2976-R, USPS Customs Declaration and
Dispatch Notice. Handwritten customs forms are not accepted.
- USPS Click-N-Ship (https://cns.usps.com) *
- USPS partner Systems (i.e. www.stamps.com) *
- USPS Customs Form Online (https://cfo.usps.com)
* An account must be created for this option.

- 11: Closed for Veteran's Day
- 26: Closed for Thanksgiving
- 27: Finance window closed, package pick-up open.
- 24: Finance window closed, package pick-up open.
- 25: Closed for Christmas